Story of the Mürror

How does joy increase? Why does it decrease? Why do we sometimes drift into pessimism? How come we can't even look at ourselves in the mirror sometimes? While examining these questions during my creation process, I dived into various topics with curiosity such as Positive Psychology, the physiological and psychological benefits of smiling and laughter, behavioral design, humanitarian clowns (Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute), laughter therapy, and with the books I read, the people I talked to, and the social experiments I designed and implemented, I came to this conclusion: Changing our perspective on events, choosing positive thinking, approaching ourselves with compassion and love, just like choosing healthy food or choosing to exercise, requires our active participation. These are behaviors that we must remember and put into practice on a daily basis. Self-kindness, self-love, and being playful and humorous are key in cultivating joy.

So how can design be instrumental in cultivating joy? How can I invite people to be more playful and self-loving with a designed experience? What if I made a mirror that made us smile? What if this mirror opened magically when we smiled? These questions led me to design Mürror. Having created over a dozen iterations, the current production model was achieved. Designed in New York, made in Turkey, the Mürror is currently available in 5 colors: Ocean, Peach, Gold, Cloud, and Sapphire.

Mürror met people at various exhibitions in New York, Miami, Dubai, Ankara, San Francisco, Amersfoort, and Istanbul. Seeing that first big smile and amazement in people’s faces when their reflection appears with their smile, and then seeing them drag their friends to the Mürror with joy is incredibly priceless.

Mürror is a magical work that starts, spreads, and shares joy, at any place and any time, without needing any reason, by activating the playful inner-child in people.

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