About Berk Ilhan

Berk Ilhan is a pioneering design innovator, founder of Berk Ilhan Design Studio and co-founder of WOW WOW PROJECTS, where he leads as the head experience designer and curator. With over a decade of expertise, Berk excels in crafting immersive, interactive experiences and products that seamlessly marry design and performance across both physical and digital realms. His work is deeply rooted in the power of human connection, the joy of playfulness, and the pursuit of wonder, principles that drive his projects towards remarkable social impact and inspire curiosity.

At the helm of Berk Ilhan Design Studio, he designs and launches both client-based and venture projects, showcasing his versatility in product and experience design. His contributions to the design world have been widely recognized, earning him more than 30 prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Best of the Best, Fast Company Innovation Award, iF, and IDA.

Berk's multidisciplinary approach spans strategy, visual design, branding, and the creation of physical and digital experiences. He has partnered with an array of clients and brands such as Puma, KLM, BBDO, JWT, and Droga5, leading to innovative projects ranging from immersive experience centers and medical devices to eco-friendly footwear and robotic products. His design philosophy extends to creating objects that not only serve functional purposes but also tell a story, as seen in his work for Pasabahce, where he designed glassware that merges poetic form with narrative allure.

He is also the visionary behind the Mürror Project, an interactive mirror designed to enhance self-compassion, joy, and connection. This project exemplifies his ability to infuse traditional objects with a playful, innovative twist, fostering stronger human connections and nurturing a culture of fun and empathy.

Berk Ilhan holds a master's degree from the MFA Products of Design Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University in Ankara. His extensive background and innovative design approach make him a leading figure in using design as a tool for positive change and human connection.